Gyro Camera Stabilizer

The top-performing gyro stabilized camera system on the market

GSS offers camera stabilization systems for a broad range of applications. The gyro camera stabilizer comes pre-balanced for perfect image stabilization, and with options that include carbon fiber, magnesium, and the potential for beyond 4K/Ultra HD video resolution and 42x zoom. GSS customers are assured of a highly personalized level of customization.

The flexible design of the camera stabilizer system allows for the ability to change cameras, lenses, sensors and accessories in minutes. All camera stabilization systems are designed without ITAR restrictions and are modularized to ship as excess baggage.

Broadcast Series

The small, lightweight gyroscopic camera stabilizer for broadcast has increased ground clearance and can be upgraded as new broadcast cameras and lenses become available.

Cinema Series

The camera stabilizer system for cinema features a hybrid open-platform, allowing for fast and efficient camera and lens swaps. New payload configuration takes less than thirty minutes.

Surveillance Series

Sensor packages in the stabilizer for video camera surveillance may be interchanged in less than thirty minutes. These customizable sensor kits allow for plug-and-play surveillance work that maintains precision down to individual license plates.

Utility Series

With precise geo-pointing with metadata and a hybrid open-platform for flexible payload configuration, the gyroscopic camera stabilizer for utility applications can be customized through all weather and light conditions.

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