Gyro Stabilized Platform

The GSS mission to innovate and further gyro-stabilization technologies has generated a world-class gyro-stabilized platform that is distinct in several key areas including customization, weight and ease of installation, and upgradeability.


New ideas are regularly brought to the engineering development team. The result is a highly customizable gyro-stabilized platform that integrates more payload configurations and allows for a greater number of cameras, lenses, and associated accessories. Customer input for specific applications is a core motive for GSS platform technology development.

GSS customers receive the highest level of customer service and support 24/7/365 from engineers who build GSS platforms by hand in California, USA.

Weight and Transport

GSS systems are lighter, smaller and easier to ship as excess baggage. The Cinema platforms are significantly lighter than the closest competitor, and the Broadcast series offers increased ground clearance.

At 60 lbs, the GSS Cinema series C516 is 30 lbs lighter than the closest competitor. It is the smallest and lightest system in the industry and integrates the most demanded production and broadcast cameras/lenses. At 85 lbs, the GSS Cinema series C520 is 10 lbs lighter than the closest competitor. It offers the largest camera/lens payload configurations.  These robust platforms are light enough to go from truck to helicopter to boat and rig in less than an hour.

Designed with air transport in mind, the GSS gimbals carry no ITAR or EAR restrictions and are modularized to ship as excess baggage (<70lbs/32kg per case).

Upgradeable Over Time

GSS gyro-stabilized platforms are fully upgradeable when new camera and sensor technologies become available. Designed to accommodate highly diverse payloads for a variety of applications, GSS gyro-stabilized platforms maintain full flexibility and functionality.

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