Helicopter Camera Systems

Lighter by design

GSS places a special focus on developing light, maneuverable systems for helicopter camera mounts. As a result, the GSS platform can be installed on smaller helicopters unavailable to competitors’ heavier helicopter cameras.

Ease of installation and transport have also been factored into the streamlined design. The pre-balanced GSS gimbal can be removed from its helicopter camera mount and reinstalled on a truck, boat, or other vehicle in less than an hour, saving production teams significant time and money.

Payload configurations for every application

For a helicopter camera system to be effective, altering payload configurations should be as simple and as flexible as possible. If a customer requires switching between a long lens and a wide lens, for example, GSS can configure their helicopter camera platform to fit two payloads for instant lens and camera changes.

GSS systems meet the size and weight restrictions to fly with the Airfilm AFSP Single Pole mount, using industry standard cameras and lenses such as the Red Weapon, Arri Alexa XT M and Mini, Sony F55 with Raw Recorder, Angenieux 25-250, Fujinon 25-300, or Optimo 12:1. Customized, pre-assembled camera and lens kits are available for more configurations.

Customers find that the GSS aerial photography platform is the most flexible helicopter gimbal system on the market.

State-of-the-art gyro technology in every series.

Whatever the application or industry, the GSS helicopter camera stabilizer is ready to use. Lens and camera integration is pre-assembled and all balancing requirements are set up in advance.  VectorSteering allows GSS systems to have superior look-down performance in a 5-axis system and the ability to avoid gimbal lock automatically with advanced software and mechanics. VectorSteering also eliminates the need for extra hardware, which adds weight and complexity, reduces the number of payload configurations, and decreases ground clearance. The result is a lighter, more dynamic piece of aerial photography equipment unparalleled in the market.

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