Gyro-Stabilized Systems Completes the TALON Universal Weapons Mount for Paradigm SRP

January 11, 2013 – GSS has completed the Talon Universal Weapons Mount for Paradigm SRP.

“This pinpoint precision is achieved by incorporating state of the art mil-spec gyros, high speed servos, and advanced circuitry into a precision machined two axis turret. Our MEMS gyros send out digital attitude data to the high speed servo motors via a custom engineered and programmed circuit board. This allows stabilization correction solutions to be made thousands of times per second.”

“The marksman can operate the TALON from a revolutionary hand controller with an integrated HD color monitor and fire control system. Laser range and inclination data is overlaid directly to the hand controller’s monitor.”

“The TALON is easily transported by a single operator. Installation of the TALON is rapidly performed by securing it with any type of cargo straps. Quick Disconnect (QD) mounts handle any Picatiny [sic] rail equipped rifle making attaching/detaching your weapon system lightning fast. The TALON mount allows the shooter to stay on target, even at full optic magnification, from a helicopter or any other moving vehicle.” Paradigm SRP