Test Fly a GSS B516 Broadcast System

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Test fly the GSS B516 Broadcast Camera System

Test flights will be held at Linden Airport in New Jersey on Tuesday, November 17. Fly in a Bell 407 helicopter with a Sony HDC-2500L camera and a Canon HJ40x10B lens in the system.

The B516 is fully upgradeable, has increased ground clearance, and is a small and lightweight system where electrically isolated broadcast payloads are integrated using manufacturer’s specifications. When shooting with the Sony HDC-2500L camera there is no added visible video noise which is often noticeable when shooting at night with other broadcast systems. With engineering advancements and refinements GSS gimbals use VectorSteering look-down capability which avoids gimbal lock automatically.

To schedule your test flight or for any questions please email sasha.scott@gyross.com or call .

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