Test Fly the C520 in Los Angeles

GSS invites you to test fly the C520, the smallest and lightest system in the world to integrate all of the most popular digital cinema cameras including the Arri Alexa XT M Open Gate, Red Epic Red Dragon, and Sony PMW-F55 with RAW Recorder, with any long or short lens option available on the market.

During this demo you will not only get to test fly the system, but also get hands on training including how to interchange cameras and lenses in less than 30 minutes, much quicker than any other gyro-stabilized system on the market.

All GSS products incorporate advanced levels of engineering reducing your costs of having a gimbal technician rig the system a day in advance of the shoot. The C520 has an unbeatable horizon reference with in-flight automatic calibration, media can be changed in seconds via the quick access media door, and when full cameras are integrated no auxiliary junction unit is required saving precious aircraft space and weight.

Test flights and training will be held at Whiteman Airport in L.A. on Wednesday and Thursday March 11 – 12. To schedule your test flight or for any questions please email sasha.scott@gyross.com.