Cinema Series

Rugged simplicity and performance are what defines GSS Cinema Series systems. Combining unparalleled stability with unrivaled ease-of-use the Cinema Series has been used to capture Emmy Award winning footage from Alaska to the Antarctic and some very hot, dusty places in between.

Cinema Series Features
GSS systems are the smallest and lightest in the industry while still allowing a nearly limitless selection of cameras and lenses
Camera and lens payload interchangeability is literally child’s play and are completed in minutes without compromising stability
Upgradeable/Futureproof design
Smaller systems improve ground clearance, safety, logistics and allow systems to be flown on smaller aircraft
VectorSteering™ look-down capability with no gimbal lock
No ITAR or EAR export restrictions
Platform designed for both standard and inverted use
Wireless capability
Standard 2-year warranty and 24/7/365 customer service

C520 Data Sheet | C516 Data Sheet | C512 Data Sheet