Cinema Series

C520 Data Sheet | C516 Data Sheet | C512 Data Sheet

Interchange cameras, lenses, and associated accessories in minutes with the GSS Cinema Series. The C516 or C520 with a Red Weapon, Arri Alexa Mini, or Sony PMW-F55 camera with an Angenieux, Fujinon, or Canon lens in a production configuration, can be swapped out for a Sony HDC-2500L or Sony HDC-P1 camera with Fujinon 42X lens for use in a broadcast configuration the very same day.

Cinema Series Features
Advanced fiber optic gyro-stabilization
VectorSteering™ enabled look-down eliminates gimbal lock and engineering complexity associated with alternative designs
Interchangeable cameras/lenses/inner-axis in less than 30 minutes
Stabilized or steerable horizon with in-flight automatic calibration
High-speed fiber optic video data transfer
No auxiliary junction unit required
No ITAR or EAR export restrictions
Ships as excess baggage
MIL-STD-810F power filters with reverse polarity protection
Engineered/Manufactured to DO-160G standards – not certified
Platform designed for both standard and inverted use
GroundControl™ bi-directional wireless gimbal control
Metadata outputs (lens, camera & GPS functions)
Geo-pointing option
Electro-mechanical gimbal stow mechanism
Compatible with existing air and ground mounts
Standard 2-year warranty and 24/7/365 customer service