Video Camera Stabilizer

Perfectly pre-balanced gimbals

The expert in-house mechanical, hardware, software, and systems engineers at GSS hold themselves to the highest standards when it comes to video stabilization. GSS gimbals are sold pre-balanced; no gimbal tech is required. Customers receive excellent video stabilization without the time and expense of balancing after purchase. Camera and lens integration kits are also pre-balanced at GSS, eliminating possible balancing errors in the video camera stabilizer system. These kits install in less than 15 minutes.

Carefully selected, high-performance technology onboard

“VectorSteering, a proprietary piece of video camera stabilizer technology, allows for superior look-down performance in a 5-axis system and the ability to avoid gimbal lock automatically with advanced software and mechanics.”

GSS systems have a high performance horizon reference that can also be auto-calibrated in-flight.

Simple design ready for customization

System customization options include video resolution surpassing 4K/Ultra HD, zoom potential of well over 42X, carbon fiber, and magnesium options. GSS gimbals are compatible with existing mounts and vibration isolators.

See stunning footage of the GSS video stabilization technology at work.

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