On October 16, 2017 Gyro-Stabilized Systems, LLC (GSS) of Nevada City, California announced the purchase of Cineflex trademark, intellectual property as well as taking over Cineflex camera system service and repairs. 

Cineflex develops and manufactures ultra-stable camera systems and has been a technology leader in the electronics news gathering, live sports, and motion picture industries for more than a decade. A pioneer in high-definition aerial camera systems, Cineflex is probably most known for being used extensively on BBC’s award winning natural history series “Planet Earth”.

GSS Managing Director, Jason Fountaine, stated, “GSS is excited for the opportunity to combine industry leading technologies from both GSS and Cineflex products that together will achieve more performance and functionality than any competing system available to-date. It’s nice to see this come full circle as the four founders of GSS were instrumental to the design of the original Cineflex systems, going all the way back to the first generation Cineflex.”


The Cineflex Legacy Continues…

See the most advanced line of Broadcast gimbals on the market: the GSS Cineflex Series builds on the impeccable reputation of the Cineflex name in the broadcast arena. Our Cineflex gimbals are designed for the specific needs of live sports, electronic news gathering (ENG) and other live broadcasting events where anything less than perfect is unacceptable.