Alexander Brozek, CEO, 

Camcat Systems

“Over the last 16 years, we have used many stabilization platforms and very few have met our clients’ expectations. We knew a few years back to continue to develop our business we would need a solution that didn’t currently exist on the market. We needed an exceptionally performing gimbal, with a maximum weight of 23 kgs. (50 lbs.). GSS developed the B512 in close cooperation with us, and our two B512s have consistently delivered brilliant results.”


Dave Arnold, Airborne Director of Photography, 


Deadliest Catch (Seasons 1-13)

“The people at GSS are the secret to my success. They make the best systems I’ve ever put my hands on. Rugged, reliable and high-performance, our C516s were flawless during three days of filming on Discovery Channel’s the Deadliest Catch in Dutch Harbor, AK. Filming on helicopter, truck and dune buggy, the system performed perfectly in sub-zero conditions.”


Pat Longman, Owner, 


Active Camera Systems

“Having used many different gimbals for over 20 years I have two main criteria when evaluating a gimbal. First, the solution must be the best in terms of design, ease-of-use and forward compatibility. Second, as our business is dependent upon unit availability we look for a strong service partner and a commitment to further innovation. GSS has met or exceeded all our expectations”


Peter Degerfeldt, Owner Blue Sky, Pilot, Aerial DP

“Image stability isn’t easy at extreme distances. It is even harder flying at 300 knots as we have done with GSS’s C520. I can definitively say there isn’t a more stable or robust gimbal on the market.”


Nathan Garofalos, DP, Owner/Operator IDO Aerials

“One of the keys for driving IDO is being mobile. We operate worldwide taking our GSS gimbals as excess baggage. We’re working 24/7/365 and need our gear to work and integrate on and off a helicopter in 30 minutes with whatever camera lens configurations the client asks for.”


Todd Jones, Co-Founder of Teton Gravity Research, Executive Producer, & Co-Director

“We wanted a system that was future proof and constantly evolving. We spoke with everyone in the industry at length before purchasing a system. It was clear to me that the guys at GSS were building the best and most advanced systems in the world.”


Benoit Dentan, CEO,

XD Motion

“My experience being an aerial operator for 15 years has allowed me to use all the gyro-stabilized systems existing in the world. The GSS C520 is the best ever for the stability, and the interchangeability of camera and lenses in 4K. Plus it fits very well on our X fly RF supports, and any vehicle with back pan adjustment. n°1 gimbal!”


Adam Huddlestone,

Flying Features

“When we were looking to purchase a gimbal in early 2015, we met the principals and tested products from each major gimbal manufacturer. With a combined 25 years of aerial camera operating experience behind us, we knew exactly what we wanted – a system that was light, reliable, was capable of accommodating a wide variety of cameras and lenses, was perfectly stable at 1000mm and had full lookdown capability. The C516 has delivered on all of these points, is smooth to operate, easy to rig and the support from the GSS team has been amazing”


Bas Vandenbranden, Director of Photography, Aerial Cine Group

“When traveling, compact is key! The C516 allows me to travel, rig, and operate the system solo with ease and confidence, anywhere around the world. It has changed the way I approach and quote jobs”


Pete Jones, PDG

“We needed two very unique camera systems designed and built fast and without compromise. We met with all the leading camera companies but it was clear GSS was in a league of their own. We placed the order with total confidence and we now have two of the most advanced multi-payload camera systems in the world that GSS continue to support and develop”


Teton Gravity Research

“We have mounted the C520 on cars, trucks, boats, and small 4 wheel drive vehicles. You can have it on a truck in the morning and move it onto a helicopter in under an hour. It is really flexible and easy to use without compromising picture quality.”


Peter Davis, Director of Photography,

Flying Features

“The GSS guys are aware of the industry and keen to supply operators with a system that suits their needs. As an operator, this is something that I am hugely impressed with. They display a real passion for aerial filming and really want to deliver the best product they can.”


Tony Monk, CEO Tony Monk Films, Pilot, Aerial Cinematographer

“As a business man, aerial filming specialist and experienced pilot, I appreciate that our C520 gimbal has better ground clearance, is lighter and smaller than competing solutions and doesn’t usually need an auxiliary junction box (with the additional weight in the cabin).  All this while supporting the widest range of camera and lens combinations of any platform in its class.”


Todd Jones, Co-Founder of Teton Gravity Research, Executive Producer, & Co-Director

“We have had GSS on the phone helping with issues in the middle of the night from half way around the world. They care that we get the shots we need and it shows when working with them.”