GSS R44 Mount

Our GSS R44 Utility Camera Mounts have both FAA and EASA STC’s and can carry loads of up to 100 pounds, for Cinema, Broadcast, surveillance or LIDAR.


System Features

  • Max Load: 100 pounds

  • Load Envelope: The maximum cross-sectional form shall be no greater than 416 square inches, with no cross-sectional dimension longer than 32 inches

  • Install Time with Experience: 60 minutes

  • No aircraft modifications required

  • Mounts currently in stock and ready to ship

  • R44 3-piece mount is FAA approved and fits in a case for easy transport

  • EASA approved

Safety & regulations

Fly safe, our GSS mounts for the R44 and R66 are all FAA and EASA approved. Download or view our documentation below.


System info

  • Mounts are fitted on the right side of the helicopter only

  • Mounts can be flown with or without a load attached to the mount

  • The R44 mount does not have an option counterweight. However Robinson offers ballast kits for the tail

  • The R44 mounts can be used with popout float-equipped helicopters

  • The mount is designed to accept the CF-10 Male Taper Assembly, available at


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