GSS Acquires Arctic Built, LLC

20171004-RA-001-Air Shoot-009 (1).jpg

This week, GSS acquires Arctic Built LLC, the solution for Robinson R44 and R66 helicopter utility camera gimbal mounts.

With this addition, GSS will be the sole owner of these utility mounts and will further extend aerial cinematography capabilities to the cinema, broadcast and surveillance markets.

The FAA and EASA-approved mounts provide the necessary weight and balance when mounting a gimbal on these lighter helicopters. With a maximum load of 100 and 115 pounds respectively, the R44 and R66 mounts require limited installation time and do not require aircraft modifications.

Both mounts are fitted to the right side of the helicopter and have even weight distribution, so they may remain attached while flying with or without a payload. The mounts are compatible with 360 degree systems and LIDAR mapping. As an added bonus, the R44 mount is portable and separates into three pieces to make shipping easy.

Founded by GSS customer Daniel Zatz of ZatzWorks, Arctic Built has designed, tested and sold utility mounts since 2016. The Alaskan-based company worked alongside ZatzWorks for aerial filming.


“I’ve worked with the GSS team since the day I bought my first GSS and Cineflex and there isn’t a finer group of creative engineers anywhere,” states Daniel Zatz. “I’m extremely happy to transfer Arctic Built to GSS and let them continue to innovate and support the broadcast and production communities.”


We are eager to broaden our aerial cinematography service capabilities with this acquisition and offer Arctic Built mounts to the marketplace.

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