Shot On GSS Highlight: Tony Monk Films


What do Australian Gran Prix, Budweiser, and Lord of the Rings films have in common? Some of their incredible aerial footage was shot by Tony Monk Films, the New Zealand and Austrialian-based aerial filming specialists. With decades of experience and trusty tech on their side, the TMF team films in stunning locations for the likes of action and adventure films, world-renowned brands, and the biggest sporting and news events on the planet. You name it, and there’s a great chance TMF has filmed it.


About Tony Monk Films

Since its inception in 2000, Tony Monk Films has captured jaw-dropping footage from the vantage point of skies. After selling his helicopter company Heletranz in 2013, pilot and CEO Tony Monk shifted his focus to Tony Monk Films full time. Now, it’s all about offering the complete package. Alongside cinematographers Blair Monk and Murray Milne, TMF offers stock footage and connections with helicopter services, including stunt flying, in companion to their custom work for the cinema, broadcast, and commercial industries. The TMF resume is impressive to say the least, and credits include work for BBC, Channel 10 Australia, Audi, and King Kong (2005).

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