GSS: quality tech, quality service

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When you choose Gyro-Stabilized Systems, you’re choosing the leading gimbals in both the production and broadcast markets. Between the best quality and customer service, GSS engineers design unmatched stabilized platform solutions that you can utilize from the air, sea or ground.

Our two series of gimbals averaging 50 pounds without payload, making them easy to ship and reasonable to use. As camera and lens technology advance, so do our gimbals and customizable options. For our broadcast/ENG customers, our broadcast gimbals offer a moving map interface which we developed in-house.

These technologically advanced systems are completely upgradeable and are designed to support interchangeable lens and camera combinations for today’s most popular payloads. Gimbal technology is progressing with no sign of stopping; this means that GSS is committed to ongoing engineer development.

With a year-long warranty and 24/7, high-level customer service, our customers not only have resources for possible issues but an opportunity to build custom parts if needed.

If you are flying smaller helicopters and need your system to be optimized for weight and balance on a smaller helicopter, the R44 and R66 mounts are available in-house.

For complete product specifications and list of features, view our Broadcast and Cinema Series gimbals.