Movies and TV Shot with GSS


You may already know that GSS provides the most advanced and sought-after gimbal technologies in the world to bring you the most stable platform solutions. What you may not know, is just how many well-known films and tv productions GSS has been used in to help capture the perfect shot with stability while maintaining quality.

From horror films to comedy television shows, GSS helps each production get the footage they need. Whether that be following the Discovery Channel to film the new season of Deadliest Catch or some epic snowboarding footage during this year’s Olympic games.

Our systems have been used to film a wide spectrum of different genres, including a few up and coming films that we hope you will be sure to see. Before starting our journey to PyeongChang to film this year’s games, GSS was used in soon to be released films like Ocean’s 8, featuring Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett, and X-Men Dark Phoenix, featuring Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender.

To see a full list of the films, television shows and productions GSS has been used in, check out our “Shot with GSS” page on our website under the “About” section, or click the button below.