Travel Light with GSS


Take your gimbal anywhere without the hassle of complex packing or fear of your system getting damaged. With our lightweight cases, your gimbals can fly as excess baggage for less than 70 pounds per case.

The complete Cinema Mini gimbal system is easily separated into three, travel-sized cases.


Packing up the Cinema Mini for travel takes minutes.

  1. Remove the front and rear cover using the Cinema Mini’s captive hardware

  2. Remove the inner-axis (Camera and lens Payload) via 8 captive hardware screws

  3. Load empty turret into Turret case

  4. Load inner-axis (Camera and lens payload) into Inner-axis case

  5. Load hand controller, video breakout box, PDU and cables into accessories box


All cases can easily load onto a luggage cart at the airport and be checked as excess baggage on all major airlines.

Housed in its own case, the turret is a 20x20x22 unit and weighs 20.5 pounds while empty.


Protect the inner axis and payload with camera and lens configuration in a single case, perfectly fitted within a 30x16x15 shell.


A laptop, filters, cables and video breakout box fit perfectly in the final case with more than four precisely cut compartments. With the case fully loaded, it weighs in at 66 pounds.


All cases are designed specifically to comfortably and safely fit our gimbal systems, so have no fear of damaging your system or it moving inside the case while traveling.


Contact us today to talk more about using the Cinema Mini while traveling around the world.