The GSS Cinema Pro+


The GSS Cinema Pro+, formerly known as the C520, is the smallest and lightest gimbal in its class and supports the most popular cameras and lenses in the marketplace. This gimbal goes above and beyond competitors with fast installation time, a weather-sealed shell and the ability to house today’s most popular camera and lens configurations.

Weighing in at 85 pounds (without payload) and a width of 20 inches, this gimbal accommodates large cinema cameras and lenses for projects in all environments. The system has been used at sub-freezing temperatures above 24,000 feet in the Himalayas and in the sweltering heat in the Emirati desert. Unlike competitors, the Cinema Pro+ is completely sealed for safe operation in adverse climates.

Like all GSS gimbals, no gimbal tech is required for installation. Save time and money with our interchangeable systems, and swap between cameras like the Arri Alexa 65, Alexa SXT, Alexa LF, Sony Venice (and many others!) with hundreds of lens options within 30 minutes. This package can fly on a single pole mount, which will also save considerable time and money when compared to shipping, installing and using a dual pole mount.

With an expanded elevation of 30° to -205° from horizontal and six-axis of gyro-stabilized movement, the Cinema Pro+ has the most wide-ranging capabilities yet and may be operated in both standard and inverted mode. With VectorSteering™ look-down technology there is no gimbal lock.

Even with its large-scale capabilities, this gimbal still flies conveniently as excess baggage without ITAR or EAR export restrictions and easily breaks down to 70 lbs/32 kg per box in about one hour.

We have designed our future-proof open architecture systems to be compatible with upgrades as gimbal, camera and lens technologies evolve.  

For all of the Cinema Pro+ details, check out the complete specs for more information about its expanded, interchangeable camera and lens options.

Download the complete specs here.