The GSS Cineflex Pro Gimbal


Optimized for broadcast use, The Cineflex Pro is the smallest and lightest system in the world, weighing 35 lbs or 15.8 kgs plus payload, that can hold today's most popular Broadcast payloads!

The GSS Cineflex Pro is the only system in the world that can hold the following payloads without having to repackage:

  • Sony P43 4K with 45x-46x (No camera repacking necessary)
  • GV c86n 4K with 45-46x (No camera repacking necessary)
  • Ikegami HDL-F3000 with 45x-46x (No camera repacking necessary)
  • Sony HDCP-1/3 with 45x-46x (No camera repacking necessary)

(Other camera and lens options are available as well - ask us about yours!

The Cineflex Pro is just one of the GSS 5-axis gimbals from the Cineflex Broadcast Series. The Cineflex Pro beats out competitors and is ideal for major-market ENG clients and live broadcast applications. Compatible with lighter helicopters like the Bell 505, Robinson R44 and R66, it is fully upgradeable and functions with existing air and ground mounts.

Take advantage of top features including VectorSteering™ look-down with no gimbal lock, isolated electronics for eliminated video noise and optional internal IMU for Geo-pointing with a moving map interface and Virtual Reality Overlays.

Its compact size of 13.8 inches wide and 19 inches tall combined with the small platform size allows this gimbal to be transported as excess baggage without ITAR or EAR export restrictions, making shipping easily accessible.

To learn more about the Cineflex Pro, click here to download and see the complete specs and features.

If you haven’t purchased yours yet, contact us today for the best broadcast gimbal available.