GSS Joins Forces With IDO For The World's Fastest Camera Car

GSS client Incline Dynamic Outlet tested its latest project: a gimbal-mounted RED Epic 8K on a Lamborghini Huracán.

Industry professionals are calling it the “World's Fastest Camera Car” performing zero-to-60-mph in 3.2 seconds with 610-horsepower.  Dubbed The Huracam, the Lamborghini and camera combination captures video at the race line. The GSS Cinema Pro Gimbal, installed into the hood with a custom-made arm, can now reach speeds of 200 mph, unlike traditional SUV rigs.

Incline Dynamic Outlet, co-founded by cinematographers Nathan Garofalos and Wil Prim, utilizes the Cinema Pro with RED technology for commercial and motion picture projects with aerial and auto cinematography needs. Additions to the Huracam frame by Steven Grant and Tanner Hart make the stability of the 60-pound gimbal possible. Early tests of the design required an externally-run cable across the Huracám’s frame, but future updates will transition to a streamlined, internal look.

After months of design, IDO began testing mid-April and completed the first shoot at The Thermal Club, a motorsports country club based in Palm Desert, by the end of the month. The Huracam has since been featured by Top Gear and The Drive, who hailed it as, “a reality check for every GoPro-wielding weekend warrior with dreams of cinematic glory.”