GSS Used In Cutting Edge Technology News Helicopter, Sky 4

Sky 4 is taking news reporting to a new level of technology. Reporting out of Jacksonville, Florida, Sky 4 is owned by Graham Media and is one of their many leading and recognized stations in news media.

Sky 4 is leading the way with an Ikegami HDL-F3000 camera and a Canon 40x10 lens in their GSS Cineflex gimbal, mounted with an Arctic Pole Mount, specifically built for R44’s and R66’s.

With an R44, provided by the Heliteam, and a pilot, they are equipped with the GSS Cineflex gimbal operated directly from the news station. Yes, that’s right, there is no camera operator in the helicopter!

How do they accomplish this? By using a bi-directional downlink over the LTE. Simply put, a two-way communication channel transmits the media over the network from the helicopter and back down to the news station, and from the news station back up to the helicopter. This gives the news station the rare ability to locate the GSS hand controller from the news station!

This cutting edge technology saves the news station both time and money; not having the weight of a second person in the helicopter makes fuel last longer and flight operations cheaper.

GSS is proud to provide state of the art gimbals and play a part in innovating to make this possible for the Broadcast and ENG market.

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