GSS Used to Film Rwanda: The Royal Tour


Cinematographer, Michael Boidy, using his GSS Cinema Pro +, filmed a PBS Documentary, “Rwanda: The Royal Tour” from the Royal Tour Documentary Series.

The Royal Tour is a PBS series featuring various heads of state and journalist/producer, Peter Greenberg (aka “ The Travel Detective”) giving a personal tour of their countries.

In Rwanda: The Royal Tour, President Paul Kagame and Peter Greenberg explore the hidden gems of Rwanda. The diverse land is full of adventure, ancient species and misty mountain rainforests which made for epic scenery to capture!

With stable footage captured high above the jungle, rivers and savannas, The Royal Tour is not only full of stunning scenery throughout Rwanda, but a glimpse into the charm, warmth and friendliness of their President.

Watch the Trailer:


Watch Behind the Scenes Footage:


GSS is proud to play a part of making this documentary come to life by offering the most stabilized platform solution in the cinema and broadcast industry. Check back soon to see what else GSS has a hand in!