The Cineflex (formerly the B512) is the best stabilized platform option for smaller, broadcast payloads. In an extremely small and stable package, this gimbal only weighs 35 lbs (without payload) making it lightweight and versatile!


System Features

  • Advanced gyro-stabilization

  • VectorSteeringTM look-down with no gimbal lock

  • Geo-pointing with moving map interface option

  • Continuous digital zoom through 10x

  • Isolated electronics eliminates video noise

  • Fully upgradeable as gimbal, camera, and lens technologies evolve

  • Stabilized or steerable horizon with in-flight automatic calibration

  • No ITAR or EAR export restrictions

  • Ships as excess baggage (<70lbs/32kg per case)

  • MIL-STD-810F power filters with reverse polarity protection

  • Engineered/Manufactured to DO-160G standards - not certified

  • Platform designed for both standard and inverted use

  • GroundControlTM wireless, bi-directional, gimbal control

  • Metadata outputs (lens, camera, & GPS functions)

  • Remote controlled optical filter system

  • Electro-mechanical gimbal stow mechanism

  • Compatible with existing air and ground mounts

  • Standard 1-year warranty and 24/7/365 customer service

Product Accessories

R44 Mount

R66 mount

Power Distribution unit

Ground Power supply

Video Breakout box

aux box

Power Cable

Laptop Cable

fiber video cable

broadcast lens kit

broadcast ike

broadcast laptop

vibration iso (taper)

vibration iso (universal)

snout cover

power disruption unit


System Specs

Gimbal Performance
Advanced fiber optic gyro-stabilization
Azimuth: 360°continuous
Elevation: 35° to -210° from horizontal
Roll: +/- 90° (steerable/stabilized)
Gimbal slew rate: 0-130°/second
Max operational airspeed: 200 knots

Control: RS-232, RS-422, or ethernet

VIN: 18-33 VDC
Power: 15 amps max draw at 28 VDC

Gimbal width: 13.7 inches (347 mm)
Gimbal height: 17.7 inches (450 mm)
Snout length: 0-6 inches (0-152 mm)
Cable set length: 20 - 100 feet

Platform: 35 lbs (15.9 kg) + payload
Laptop Control Unit: 7 lbs (3.2 kg)
Auxiliary Junction Unit: payload specific
Cable Set: 8 lbs (3.6 kg)

Operating temperature: -4° to +122°F (-20° to +50°C) Sealed system for airborne/ground/marine applications

Camera/Lens Payload Options
Sony HDC-P1 & HDC-P43
Ikegami HDL-F3000 Low-Light
Grass Valley LDX Compact HD/4K
Panasonic AK-UB300 4K
Canon ME20F-SH Low-light
Other cameras available upon request *

Interchangeable Lens Options
Canon HJ Series HD/4K
Fujinon HA Series HD/4K
Other lenses available upon request *

Helicopter/Airplane Mount Availability
AS 350/355
Bell 206/206L/407
Bell 505 EC-120
Robinson R44/R66
Cessna 172/206
Compatible with various other aircraft *

Vehicle/Marine Mount Configurations
Arm Mounts Mitchell Mount
Various other mount types from many manufacturers *

* Specifications are subject to change


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