Award-Winning Teton Gravity Research

Last year, Teton Gravity Research created an awesome new project with their Cinema Pro+ and took home Powder’s Movie of the Year Award.

Their film Far Out goes global, from the Albanian Alps to Girdwood, Alaska. What do the world’s most wild mountain ranges have to offer? More than 30 of the most daring bike, ski and snowboard athletes find out. This epic chronicle took one of the coveted awards during Powder Magazine’s 19th Annual Powder Awards in December, an event which honors the best athletes and artists in the ski community.

Check out the trailer for Far Out below.


We are a proud sponsor of this film. As we have seen time and time again with dozens of the team’s incredible films, TGR never fails to deliver. Our client’s amazing work inspires us to push gimbal technology to new levels so they can achieve new perspectives.

A huge congrats to the TGR crew on this awesome win!

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