The GSS Cinema Pro+ captures United Arab Emirates National Day

Here’s one way to celebrate! In honor of December’s United Arab Emirates National Day and the life of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, an aircraft formation flew over Dubai in a spirit of unity, captured by a GSS Cinema Pro+!

In a collaboration between Navigation Films and Blue Sky’s Peter Degerfeldt, the plane formation, complete with eleven aircraft from Emirates, Etihad, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia and the Al Fursan Air Display Team, showcased color and teamwork in a course chartered by Sheikh Zayed. From the vantage point of an L39 Jet via the Baltic Bees, the video soared over Dubai and aircraft emblazoned with “Year of Zayed.”

The video, directed by Mike Charlton and produced by Akash Kingston, contains jet footage by Peter Degerfeldt and GSS technician Vicky Degerfeldt. Thanks to the Baltic Bees team members Valery Sobolev, Anatolij LIsenkov and Artyom Soloduha, this incredible fleet came to life.

UAE National Day celebrates the joining of the seven emirates in 1971 and the first president, Sheikh Zayed, typically celebrated with fireworks and air shows.

This was an amazing capture by Blue Sky Aerials and Navigation Films. We are so proud to see our technology used in ways that continue to push and innovate the filming industry!

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