GSS Develops and Releases Inertial Navigation System

When you are trying to get stable footage of a car chase or broadcast the 5 o’clock traffic on the news, and your overlay mapping is shaking and bouncing. That’s the worst. We get it.

We’re excited to share that we have developed a new Inertial Navigation System software that solves this big math problem, without an external IMU or trying to jam a 3rd party INS inside our gimbals.

You now have access to rock-solid moving maps with the new GSS INS, straight from the factory.

Take a first-hand look for yourself below.


For the tech-savvy, here’s how it’s accomplished…

GSS has created an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) using the existing high-end sensors (gyros and accelerometer) already in the gimbal. Why buy another set? A processor board inside the Gimbal combines IMU and GPS data and hands off the data stream to the moving map interface.

Now GSS owns the entire INS software stack resulting in better stabilization performance than ever before. GSS has more control over the technology and the ability to innovate in a space where others cannot. This means, when the market needs change, we can change the software with it to continually ensure you have the upgraded tools you need.

GSS systems now come geospatially aware straight from the factory with the most stable moving map interface in the ENG/Broadcast market.


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