Universal GSS Accessories


When you purchase a GSS gimbal, feel confident that the best accessories, custom to your system, are available for purchase. For the same quality and customer service as our gimbal systems, more than two dozen additional tools may be added to enhance your gimbal even further.

Gimbals from both our cinema and broadcast series are compatible with twelve universal accessories.

R44 Mount

Within 60 minutes, the three-piece R44 mount may be attached to your aircraft with no outside modifications. It supports payloads up to 100 pounds and may be flown with or without a payload.

R66 Mount

Just like the R44 mount, the R66 mount is both FAA and EASA approved. Carrying up to 115 pounds, this mount transports in three easy pieces and may be purchased with an optional 41-pound counterweight.


Power Distribution Unit

The power distribution unit, compatible in aircraft and on the ground, sends power to other GSS devices. The small, portable system is designed for easy transportation.


Ground power supply

Our sturdy ground power supply unit connects to your GSS system from any standard wall outlet.

Video breakout box

A lighter, smaller alternative to comparable aux boxes, the video break out box will eliminate the need for all other in-air systems.

Vibration Isolator Taper Mount & Vibration Isolator Universal Mount

Improve your image stability and save ten pounds over existing solutions with the vibration ISO taper mount and ISO universal mount.


Power disruption unit

In the event of an emergency, a pilot may easily cut off power to the GSS system.

Lastly, check out our GSS Snout Cover, Power Cable, Laptop Cable and Fiber Video Cable… the best accessories for any of our gimbals. If you have any questions, send us a message!