WSVN 7 News Shot On GSS


Want to know what the pros are using? Meet WSVN 7 News, our newest client covering all things Miami. With decades of history of experience under its belt and over 60 hours of newscasts each week, WSVN welcomed summer 2019 with some major upgrades.

Their shiny, new Cineflex Pro now houses an Ikegami HDL-F3000 low-light camera with a Canon 45x9.7 lens. Rigged up to a ship by Helicopter Inc. and paired with the best navigation systems to date, WSVN broadcasting just gained a new edge.

We’ve linked our GSS Inertial Navigation System to Churchill Navigation’s BEAR mapping overlay system. If you saw our blog from last August, you know this is a huge stability improvement. With rock-solid Churchill Maps integration, Geo Lock, Geo Point, and Adjustable Heading, the stability is now unparalleled

Even in long-term hover, this system’s stability won’t disappoint. No more bumpy footage or shaking maps. When WSVN cruises over Miami for breaking news, their system glides along with them.

Learn more about the GSS Cineflex Pro capabilities here.