Aerial Camera Systems meets the Cineflex Pro +


GSS customer Aerial Camera Systems received their first GSS Cineflex Pro + this summer and inaugurated their new gimbal at this year’s Wimbledon Championships.

This system is contoured with the Grass Valley LDX-C86N Compact Camera and Canon CJ45 lens. For the first time, the Cineflex Pro + will help capture the legendary hoisted aerial shots of the All England Club in UHD/HDR. GSS’s newest customer has added to their state of the art gimbals and will now have the option of using their GSS Cineflex Pro + or Cineflex gimbals for various broadcast projects.

“We’re delighted to add the Cineflex Pro + to our inventory of stabilized gimbals. We’ve made some significant investments in equipment this year, recognizing the growing demand for 4K UHD formats.”
Operations Director Dave Whitlock

We look forward to the content ACS will release in the future with their new GSS gimbal, which will allow them to take on new payloads and revolutionize camera stability in the European market. ACS plans to use the Cineflex Pro + at upcoming sporting events this August.


Learn more about the Cineflex Pro + and all its capabilities here.

If you’re located in England, rent ACS gimbals and learn more about past projects from the Royal Wedding, Commonwealth Games and more at