Into the Wild with Teton Gravity Research

GSS client Teton Gravity Research hit the ground running after their big win in December for the Powder’s Movie of the Year Award, for their film “Far Out.” This year, they continue to create incredible content with their GSS gimbal… Here’s a look into the history of TGR.

Started in 1995 by Steve Jones and Todd Jones, TGR set out to highlight the wildest sports on a global front. From surf to snow and everything in between, TGR wants to push boundaries and capture incredible stunts while also limiting their environmental impact. Through the production of thirty-two films, including their incredible 2018 releases “Ode to Muir,” “Mountain in the Hallway,” “Far Out,” and “Andy Iron: Kissed by God,” TGR has balanced on the edge of extreme with a passion for progress and awe of the world.

One of their coolest projects, “Far Out,” captures the athlete’s intensity to take on the world’s wildest slopes, from the Slovenian Alps, Alaska, Montana and more. Below are some of our favorite pictures and clips from TGR’s adventures.


Take a trip to Montana's Crazy Mountains during shooting for “Far Out.”

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 11.33.59 AM.png

Fly over the Chugach Range.

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